Services Offered


Spiritual Readings 

– combination of cards, spirit guides communication and other techniques. Photo of the spread will be emailed to you in both cases as a permanent record.

Email Reading $25.oo AUS (most popular & quick turnaround for urgent matters)

Telephone Reading (30-45 minutes) $50.00 AUS


Personal Spiritual Work / Trabajo 

– requires both a spiritual reading (either by email or telephone) + $50 AUS materials

Personal spiritual work involves a reading for clarity of the root issue prior to any additional charges for materials – it may be that just the insight is enough to provide a way forward without additional intervention!

My particular specialty is works for cleansing, protection, business, dealing with officials & bureaucracy, money, the home and ancestral work.  Works on health are undertaken on understanding that they are an adjunct to any professional medical assistance that should be involved with a particular condition, and that the services offered are there to support the psycho-spiritual side of an individual in the healing process.  Works related to love & relationships will only be engaged on the basis of what can be done to assist you as an individual in terms of your presentation, charisma, presence & ability to communicate to maximum effect.

Spiritual work may involve any interventions such as candle work, burning lamp work, spiritual baths, bespoke charms & amulets, or even kits of materials with instructions sent to you for you to enact the main work.


Pre-made Bath Kits

A combination of herbs, spices and physical materials to be used by you to attract the following:
– spiritual cleansing

– spiritual protection & breaking unwanted influences

– attracting love & lust

– attracting business & money

-attracting new opportunities

-attract influence, promotion, domination of a situation


Ancestor Elevation

If you have a family member that has passed either recently or historically, and they are either not at peace, or the family is in need of assurance that the deeds of the ancestor is paid for & dealt with spiritually, ceremonial work can be undertaken to “elevate” the ancestor to allow forgiveness and resolution to residual turmoil. Costs discussed on application.


Personal Cleansing 

Typically done in person with an assistant – a formal ceremony of “rompimiento” (breaking) is undertaken to remove negative influence and install your protective spirits.  Conducted in Adelaide, South Australia unless on tour or where separate arrangements are made. Costs discussed on application.


House / Business Premises Cleansing

A new house, or a new business premises can carry unwanted energies from previous owners and tenants that may interfere with your plans and dreams. Conducted in Adelaide, South Australia unless on tour or where separate arrangements are made. Costs discussed on application.


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