I acknowledge that I am residing, and that my spiritual practices are occurring on the traditional lands of the Kaurna and Peramangk aboriginal peoples, South Australia, original custodians, through which their spiritual traditions and songlines are inherently present and imbedded, and require to be respected.

Jonathan Carrefour is an Adelaide-based esoteric practitioner of some 20 years standing, with a background in herbal medicine, energy work, and Western Mystery Tradition.  He is an initiated Sancista in the tradition of Sanse, a Puerto Rican spirituality that draws from Espiritismo, Dominican ‘21 Divisions’ & Haitian Vodou. His initiation has been through Papa Hector Salva, based in the United States, who holds legitimate lineage in Haitian, Dominican and Puerto Rican Vodoun tradition.

The manifestation and practice of any Afro-Latino spiritual tradition in Australia is as much experiment, artistic expression, revelation, therapy, psychodrama, trial & error, success & failure.

New land. New history. New spirits.  Although there are many shared colonial pasts with those root traditions that inform our rites.

Seeking readings, workings, directly petitioning and working with the spirits will in most cases bring about changes – however, this is no absolution of your own self-responsibility.


Whether you are seeking work done on your behalf or seeking training in an Afro-Caribbean tradition, it pays to ensure who you are engaging is legitimately initiated through a verified lineage that might be corroborated by other initiated practitioners. Countries outside the Caribbean nations and the America’s are beginning to see a number of so-called “Voodoo” practitioners appear with unverifiable or fanciful claims of initiation and lineage. If a practitioner is unable or unwilling to provide independent evidence or references as to their legitimacy,  you should reconsider engaging them.


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